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What we do

Ace Trading builds traders from the ground up.

Lecturers and Personal Mentors at Hedge Fund provide trainees with comprehensive preparation for multi-asset trading and investing.

Successful graduates immediately join the Hedge Fund as Junior Traders and are subject to continuous personal training.

Advantages of training and working with us

We want Ace Trading to be the premier destination for trader talent in Turkey.

Our Trading Floor

The modern, open-space 1,500 square meters trading floor at our Istanbul headquarters is a feature that really sets us apart.

  • Modern, newly decorated office space
  • Located in the Levent, Kanyon area, a key commercial and financial district of Istanbul. Vibrant, collegial floor packed with outstanding traders
  • Diversity of strategies and asset classes increase trader development while reducing adjustment periods during market shifts
  • Open, collaborative culture that is intense and competitive but always in good spirit

Strong Focus on Training

In our training and trading programs, you will learn from many instructors, not only about strategies and methodology, but also about trader psychology, risk management, and physical and mental health needed to be successful in the long-run. Besides the books and training materials, during the one-month training, you will have to constantly read professional and technical literature from our library.

Traders Career Building

Trading is a rewarding profession, but it can challenge your willpower. Sustaining long-term profitability, handling high levels of stress daily, and coping with the competition is a difficult task. Ace Trading’s training program focuses on the fundamentals of trading such as the questioning of choices; the inefficiencies still hidden in the markets and the deep imbalance of supply and demand to build flexible traders with long-term perspectives.

Once a trader builds a proven track record, we will allow him to eventually follow multiple career paths such as New Talent Development Specialists, Emerging Fund Manager, CFA chartering, and a Portfolio Manager position within our Asset Management Division.

What we offer

Ace Trading provides state-of-the-art tools needed in the education and subsequent career of professional traders:

  • Professional Trading Floor style office located in the heart of the business center in Levent, Istanbul
  • Unlimited access to expert staff & partners
  • Choice of leading trading platforms & tools
  • Risk Management, reporting & back-office
  • Proprietary capital, from initial trainee funding to large-book traders
  • Capital Allocations
  • Trader development
  • Continuous mentorship program
  • Weekly training seminars & large library of proprietary internal video training materials
  • Competitive Compensation & Benefits
  • Advance and bonus opportunity for new traders
    Training is entirely free. No fees.
  • Competitive payouts for experienced traders upon hiring

Work as a Trader

We invest in our Traders, not vice-versa.
Check out why Ace Trading is the ideal destination for professional traders, whether new or experienced.

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