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Ace Trading is a Hedge Fund which invests by applying statistical arbitrage in equities, options and ETFs listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX.

The 1-month Training Program which you must take prior to starting work is mandatory and culminates with an exit exam before actual hiring. In the program, we teach you everything about the markets and how to become a Professional Trader.

You will immediately start trading for the Hedge Fund when you successfully pass the exit exam at the end of the program.

Why Join the Program?

Ace Trading training center in Istanbul

The Trader Training Program

Your training doesn’t stop with the completion of your one-month program. Training is continuous even after you complete your course and start trading.

You will attend daily and weekly training sessions provided by top traders and personal mentors. There you will learn how to invest and trade with proper capital allocation, risk monitoring, manager-trainee monitoring and execution, and many other features crucial for your abilities to become successful.

You will learn fundamental, technical, event+driven, and arbitrage investment strategies. You will learn about assets and instruments which are known to very few professionals in the world.

Program Steps

The Hiring After Training

After the completion of the 1-month training program, successful graduates will be offered “Junior Trader” positions in the hedge fund. There, a senior trader/mentor will continue to improve their skills and abilities.

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Jobs for Experienced Traders

If you are experienced in trading, apply to become a trader with our Hedge Fund. We provide capital and support.

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