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To become an Equities Trader, you must first pass the Trader Training program.

When you graduate successfully, you are hired to manage an account for the partner Hedge Fund. There, under the supervision of Senior Traders and Personal Mentors, you will continue to learn investment techniques and strategies, exclusively developed by the fund managers and traders.

You will be rewarded from the profits you generate and with time, you will become a Personal Mentor to new traders.

What we look for:

The ideal candidates will have the following qualifications:

  • Excellent English language skills
  • Excellent computer literacy
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Information Technology (IT), Psychology, or Mathematics/Physics (graduating in January also applicable)
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Strong and resilient personality
  • Outstanding analytical and quantitative skills
  • Willingness to learn market trading strategies
  • Enthusiasm to help develop new trading strategies

After completion of training and upon hiring, the individuals will be responsible for:

  • Managing positions in a trading account
  • Developing trading strategies
  • Working with monthly targets
  • Decision-taking in a changing environment

What we offer

  • Access to the world’s biggest financial markets – NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX
  • Opportunity to learn from experienced traders
  • Opportunity to develop your own strategies
  • Extremely competitive bonus scheme when you achieve satisfactory results

Why Learn and Trade with Ace Trading vs. Other Career Options?

  1. Learnings

    At Ace Trading you will learn investment and trading like no other place. You will gain knowledge which will be essential to your ability to generate steady profits for the rest of your career.

  2. Trading vs. Other Responsibilities

    Trading and investing are your ultimate responsibility, not assisting someone else or doing grunt work.

  3. Economics

    Unlimited upside in making profits for yourself.

  4. Proprietary Capital

    Access to capital that can scale with your trading without the headaches or constraints of managing other investors’ money.

  5. Culture

    Intellectually stimulating with strong competitiveness and solidarity.

  6. Entrepreneurial

    Traders can dictate their own career paths.

Career Paths For Junior Trader/Trainees

Ace Trading offers unique opportunities for traders who are just starting out. At the Hedge Fund Ace Trading, you can learn to trade a variety of products listed on the New York Stock Exchange and you don’t need a starting capital.

Once accepted, you will undergo structured training in our Academy consisting of lectures, videos, and manuals. After the first one-month initial training period, you will be required to take an exam, which is similar to a Series 7 exam. Once you have successfully passed the exam, you qualify to become a Junior Trader and your training will continue for another six months with simultaneous intensive learning and live trading.

After this period, you will qualify to become a Mid-level Trader. As such, you will be more independent and can start trading your own ideas, under the guidance of your mentor.

The best Mid-Level traders will be promoted in the future to Senior Traders. The more you progress, the higher your trading limits and bonus scheme will be.

Once you become a Senior Trader you also will have the opportunity to become a mentor. Did we mention, the mentors get a % of the profits of their mentees?! 🙂

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