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Nikolay Stoykov

Managing Director

Nikolay Stoykov holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and a master’s degree in finance from the University of Rochester, New York. He began his career at the American Stock Exchange and the New York Board of Trade, where he worked for Susquehanna, as a dealer in the derivatives market from 1998 to 2002.

In 2002 he co-founded Tykhe Capital LLC, where he trades convertible bonds. In 2006, he joined Vermillion Asset Management to manage an investment portfolio of raw materials. In 2013, Mr. Stoykov joined Ace Trading Hedge Fund to develop derivative investment strategies.

Ivan Chavgov

Head of Training

Ivan is the Leader of Lectures and Mentors at Ace Trading. He started his trading career in 2011, while still in the last year of completing his Bachelor’s degree at the University of National and World Economy in Sofia.

Ivan managed to get his Master’s degree while being a full-time trader at Alaric Securities. His path as a Personal Mentor started nine months later. During his six years as a trainer, he helped a lot of young people follow their dream to become successful traders.

As a trader, Ivan is known to be one of the most consistent guys on the floor, making profits every year. He is calm, patient, and known to choose the right opportunities with the best risk-reward ratio.

Trading for him also involves psychology, so he tries to improve in this field every single day.

Reading, traveling playing tennis and volleyball as well as spending time with his family are the best ways for him to relax in his free time.

Dimitar Patarinsky

Lecturer and Mentor

Dimitar has been a professional Trader since 2014 and a Personal Mentor since 2019.

Before he started trading, he played poker professionally for 7 years both live and online. Dimitar started trading because he felt poker and trading shared the same psychology and risk management skills. Not only has trading proved profitable for Dimitar in monetary aspects, but through trading, he has developed a strong discipline about his daily routines including reading, physical activity and eating well.

Dimitar says the people around him who are always striving for improvement and growth are also another positive aspect about trading.

Konstantin Lazarov

Lecturer and Mentor

Konstantin started his trading career with Ace Trading Hedge Fund in Sofia in 2013. He was one of the most consistent traders in the company in the next six years.

In 2015 he become a Personal Mentor and started training Junior Traders.

As a professional trader, he has developed discipline and patience as the basis of his own strategy. Konstantin is a dedicated person and he loves teaching about the financial markets.

Konstantin enjoys reading. The knowledge and perspective gained from reading has strengthened his teaching and presentation skills.

Georgi Smokevski

Lecturer and Mentor

Georgi joined the Ace Trading Hedge Fund in 2013 while in his second year in the University of Sofia. He subsequently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

At the onset of his journey as a professional trader, he has had a solid start with 18 consecutive positive months and has been profitable every year since then.

Georgi’s trading style is based on patience, strong discipline, defense and trades with high success probabilities.

Farhad Novruzov

Mentor and Lecturer

Farhad holds B.A. degrees in Business Administration and International Relations from the American University in Bulgaria. He started his professional career as a banker at Santander Bank N. A. and then transitioned to being a professional Equity Trader to fulfill his longtime passion.

Farhad successfully combines intraday trading and swing trading focusing on set-ups with high probability. His trading style is based on a mixture of technical analysis using multiple time frames, advanced tape-reading skills and in-depth analysis of macroeconomic factors influencing current market conditions.

He focuses on continuous learning and self-improvement, constantly learning new setups, trading techniques and strategies.

Artur Kessayev

Mentor and Lecturer

Artur is a graduate of the American University in Bulgaria with a B.A. degree in Business Administration. Following his graduation, he worked as a banker in Edgartown National Bank, and then, in pursuit of financial freedom, he started his trading career as an Equity Trader at Ace Trading Hedge Fund.

In recognition of his trading results and hard work, he soon received the “Best New Trader” award. He is well-known for his ability not to give up under any circumstance and work his way through the hardships.

Three years into his trading career, he has become a multi-product trader with a series of strategies running. Artur has been one of the most active traders in the firm and is now recognized as a Master of Momentum Trading.

Sibel Akbay

Head of Communications

Sibel is an experienced media professional, with a background in reputable organizations. After university, she lived in London for about 10 years, working as a producer in the BBC World Service and a senior researcher in Reuters.

She moved back to Istanbul, her home city, in 2009, and became the senior finance correspondent for Bloomberg News here. She then worked for Foreks, a leading financial news provider as a Senior Reporter and Turkey’s semi-official news agency Anadolu Agency as a Chief Correspondent and Editor.

Sibel graduated from Robert College, a prestigious American secondary and high school in Turkey and has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and German Studies from Colby College, U.S.A. Sibel is a native in Turkish, can speak native-level English, is fluent in German and intermediate in Spanish.

Sibel brings to her role expertise and know-how in the area of communications.