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Welcome to our series – “The Ace Tandems.” Each post, we meet you with one tandem of our mentors and mentees and ask traders about their path and why they joined Ace Trading.

Tugberk is the mentee we want to present to you today. Let’s get to know him and learn more about his trading style and strengths as a trader from his mentor – Konstantin.

Ace Training Program

At Ace Trading, we believe that we rise by lifting others.

The core of our unique training program is the mentor-mentee relationship, and we use deep psychological profiling to match the best mentor for each trainee.

Q Konstantin, how will you describe the trading style of your mentee?
A I would say that Tugberk’s style is tight-aggressive. His previous background in playing poker formed and significantly influenced how he trades. In the past few years, he had a couple of good level-up moments in his trading journey, which helped him to develop his style.
Q Which are your mentee's strengths as a trader?
A He is resilient, he is having a growth mindset and he is willing to learn from his mistakes.

Q Compatibility in the personality of mentor and mentee is essential to the mentoring experience. Which of your personal qualities or interests match with those of your mentee?
A Well, we both like playing poker and different kinds of betting, and we have similar backgrounds before becoming traders. We are also disciplined and have the patience to wait for the right moment to push if an opportunity occurs.
Q Tugberk, why did you join Ace Trading?
A My mindset at the time was if I was going to work and spend a good portion of the day in an office, it is better to be worth it. I do not like mediocrity, and all other conventional jobs that I could have taken offered precisely that. Ace Trading gave me an alternative, an escape from financial troubles, and I took it without hesitation.
Q What do you love most at Ace Trading?
A I love that my success does not depend on other people. Metaphorically speaking, I eat what I kill. I also like not having a boss; I do not chase deadlines, and I am happy to choose my own vacation time. The trading profession gives you liberty, which is rare in any work environment. Additionally, being a good trader means being disciplined – a lifelong skill that brings you incredible advantages.
Q Your career journey so far in a nutshell

“I am trying to improve every day as a trader and person, so I would say it has been a constant struggle for growth – mentally and financially. “

I had to overcome a couple of hard times, which were emotionally demanding. But other than that, I keep a somewhat solid performance with occasional experiences in the negative territory.

Q What is your trading advice to new trainees?
A I would say being a disciplined and responsible human being is almost a prerequisite for success in the trading profession. I advise new traders to absorb as much information as possible and observe the markets closely. Asking many questions to the mentors and your peers is also very significant and will help them a lot.

Q What is the portrait of the good trader?
A If I have to paint a portrait of a good trader, I will make flexibility and resilience in bad times the overarching colors of that painting. High conviction is also an essential quality of a good trader, but on the other hand, being non-biased and objective is very important. There is a contradiction here because high confidence requires being biased.

Q Have you ever panicked?
A Yes, once. It was at the beginning of my career; my financial situation was fragile. I was trying to pay for military service and lost all my money. It was frustrating and unsettling, and I did not know what to do. Such external factors can influence one's trading significantly. Since then, my life motto has always been,
Q Which traders or investors do you personally admire?
A I do not follow any particular name in my routine. I occasionally check out Scott Redler for insight. Other than that, traders in the market wizard’s series are all worthy traders I admire and have learned much from.

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